Simulator Build Projects


Conversion of an Airbus A318 into a working A320 NEO

Air and Space Institute, Newark, UK

Converting a scrapped A318 to a A320 NEO working Part Task Trainer

Flight Director are in process of converting a scrapped A318. The aircraft was procured from Kemble's Air Salvage International. The right wing was removed and the rest transported to Newark. The installation will form the College's centre piece attraction and when complete will be a Part Task Trainer, up to a standard of a brand new A320 NEO. The cockpit will be a working flight deck, 100% representative of the real thing, a complete Flight Training Device, while the cabin will be kitted out to enable Cabin Crew training. Students will be able to fly to any airport in the world in the cockpit simulator, as if they were in the real thing, and thier colleugues will be able to learn what is involved to be Cabin Crew on the same flight. Meanwhile, the left engine, the APU and other parts of the aircraft will facilitate engineering lessons for student engineers.

Conversion of a Boeing B727-31 to a B737-800 Fixed Base Cockpit

Flight Director Head Quarters, Lincoln, UK

Flight Director's B737-800 'Big Flo'

Our fixed based flight simulator was built to showcase our skills and expertise. It utilises a real Boeing cockpit also procured from Air Salvage International at Kemble. The Flight Training Device visuals project wider than 180°, adding to its realism. It is fixed base. Real Boeing parts were used in its construction making it completely realistic in its look, feel and operation. Boeing Flight Data models power the flight charatceristics and the Instructor Operating Station is built to be easy to use and offer a full gambit of training serials needed by any professional aviator.