Command Course Preparation


Captain Promotion

When you’re ready to make the move to the left seat of your airline, we are on hand to give you the confidence to take and pass your airline’s command course with flying colours. We have experienced training captains who specialise in cockpit leadership, ready to teach you what you need to know.

Flight Director aims to give you confidence and easy authority in your cockpit work cycle, emphasising Crew Cooperation. We are also keen to build on your flying skills, adding an element of Co-Pilot mentorship to your skill set. Our training includes all the things you’d expect and need to make the left seat transition. From left seat familiarisation, emergencies, skill development to pertinent ground handling points.

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Contact us for our up-to-date, competitive prices. As all Command Course Preparation pilots have different requirements and we will tailer something bespoke for you. Use Experiences as a price guide.